" I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible and when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people. "

Okay, my AWESOME AND COOOOL xsenselessaddiction tagged me.

Here are my kewl answers:

1. Do you have an OTP? If so, which?

Hmmmmmm shit, well I really ship a friend of mine with her boyfriend and I also ship Klaroline and Dimitri and Rose and Clary and Jace, don’t get me started…

2. Do you imagine yourself having kids in the future?

I guess so, with the suitable guy.

3. A tv show/movie you would love to live in and why?

Probably Sherlock, because 1. Sherlock and because 2. the plot is more than amazing.

4. Do you like working in groups or by yourself(at school etc)?

Usually, by myself.

5. A song that describes your life as it is now:

Changes- Black Sabbath

6. What did you want to be “when you grew up” as a kid?

I wanted to be a ballerina, then a hairdresser, then a vet, after that an actress. And now I want to be a doctor, woooo.

7. A personality trait that you really hate and why?

I am extremely impulsive and I manage to ruin things just because I act without thinking, I wish I wasn’t such a taurus.

8. Did you set yourself any resolutions for this year (2014)?

To lose weight.

9. Do you have a phobia or something that usually scares you?

I suffer of the common arachnophobia.

10. Tv show/movie/book character you would love to have as a best friend/boyfriend/whatever and why?

Can I have Mr Darcy shipped to Romania? What are the fees? It doesn’t matter, because he is worth every penny, as he is simply perfect and charming and romantic. And a Bruce Wayne wouldn’t bother me either, as I simply love his mind!

11. Have you ever dyed your hair? What color(s)?

Yes, red.


Okay, my bitch young-and-beautiful9 tagged me. Third tag so far, so I won’t tag anyone and I won’t ask any other questions. 

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

At the medicine university, in my city wooo.

2. Do you believe in true love?


3. One song which describes one of your best friends?

Oh.. well I can’t think of anything but Paranoid- Black Sabbath. This one is for you, Medeea :P.

4. What do you love about yourself?

That I know when to be serious and when to laugh.

5. If you could go in one country, which would it be and why?

It would definitely be Russia, because I simply love the Russian culture and language so much.

6. Favourite movie?

Velvet Goldmine(1998)

7. Favourite youtubers?

Jacksfilms and occasionally danisnotonfire. And pewdiepie.

8. If you could eat one single food for the rest of your life which would it be?


9. A book you would live in

Eyes Like Stars.

10. Favourite animal

The dog.

11. A quote that inspires you? 

"I just write what I wanted to write. I write what amuses me. It’s totally for myself." J. K. Rowling


thatisnotthequestion tagged me and I love her and she tagged me and then again I love her. Procession moves on… And omg I haven’t answered tom-hiddlesnipples questions from a year ago, I am such a pig. tom-hiddlesnipple’s first.

Rule 1: post the rules
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1. If you could spend your day with one person, who?

Brian Molko.

2. If you could have one animal, which would it be?

A loris! 

3. What is the preffered name that you go by?


4. Night or day?


5. Do you write?

Yes, on my blog. www.capsunaverde.blogspot.ro

6. What is the T.V. episode that had you an absolute crying wreck?

Sherlock- Season 3 Episode 3.

7. Favorite actor/actress?

Christian Bale.

8. Favourite type of shoe?


9. Pen or Pencil?


10. What is the most bizarre thing that has ever happened to you? 

It was night, I was alone in my room and I think something grabbed my foot, But I might’ve also been dreaming. 

11. Best academic subject? 

Religion vs, Science


1. If you could live in a fictional universe, which one would it be ?

Honestly, I have to think a little bit about it. I guess it would either be the Marvel universe (Batman ftw) OR the one in Eyes Like Stars, a book I loved reading.

2. Why do you think some people don’t read?

There can be many reasons. Maybe they didn’t read the right book at first and they didn’t taste what reading actually feels like, there is a possibility that they can’t read at all, maybe they are too busy, maybe they don’t find reading cool enough or maybe they are simply too lazy to read. 

3. What is your favourite mythical creature?

The mermaid, because she is so twisted and at the same time fascinating. Everything that every woman should be.

4. Coffee or tea?

Tea, Actually hot chocolate.

5. If you could listen to one song for eternity, what would it be?

This is the hardest question so far, as I spend 60% of my time listening to music. Shit, okay.. this eternal song would be Ask For Answers- Placebo.

6. What attracts you?

Darkness and unicorns. Humour and pain. Rockers and punkers. Rainbows and dungeons. Concerts and books. Knowledge and blue eyes.

7. What do you think of tattoos?

I thought about getting one, but only when I was older, because the message I’d like to carve on my wrist forever is a heavy one. “A loaded gun won’t set you free.”

8. Biggest wish?

My biggest wish would simply be to be happy.

9. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

Regardless of space: in Munich. Regardless of time and space:  The evening of the 17th May 1980, Macclesfield.

10. Do you own CDs? How many?

I own, uhm well all 7 Placebo albums, their B-sides, Infra-red dvd, B3 EP, a Vama CD, Joy Division’s Substance, Crackle by Bauhaus, a The Doors CD, another CD by the Bangles, Florence + The Machine- Ceremonials and I think that would be it. 16.

11. What is the most poetic thing you have ever come across?

Ian Curtis. Concrete? The lyrics of Joy Division’s The Eternal.

Okay, now it is my turn to ask questions.

  1. What is your happiest childhood memory?
  2. What character from any book would you bring to life and why?
  3. Would you change anything about your face?
  4. Is there anything you regret right now?
  5. What celebrity would you bring back from the dead?
  6. If you were to star in a movie and you could only choose one actor/actress to co-star, who would it be?
  7. You are allowed to keep one memory: which one would it be?
  8. You are about to choose 8 (or more) songs for you life’s soundtrack, which will play during different moments of your life. Which are these songs?
  9. Nyan Cat or Rainbow Bunchie?
  10. Which band(s) do you regard as overrated?
  11. What does happiness mean to you?

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