Dear Ian Curtis,
34 years have passed since you decided to leave us (okay, I think you can count too). It is already the 16th of July in this corner of the bloody world, so your birthday has passed and I didn’t write anything to you. Anyway, there isn’t a day during which I am not struggling with the idea that you could’ve still lived and just be there, your future plans not needing to involve a long career in the musical field. Well I always wanted to study medicine and as time approaches for me to go to university I am more and more convinced that I want to be a neurologist. Help people with epilepsy… Like you… The point is, you have been a great influence to me and I wish I could just have a time machine and help you somehow.
Are you happy wherever your restless soul lies? Happy Birthday, dearest Ian! Happy 58th!

Your childish friend, who’s waiting for a guide to come and take her by the hand.



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